Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thoughts for Today - July 1, 2009

I've seen this meme a few different places now, but I think it all goes back to this blog here.
In any event, this how today is shaping up.

Outside my window ... a momentary gap in the traffic is giving me some silence while I contemplate the clouds and wonder if it is worth attempting to hang the laundry out to dry.

I am thinking ... that I should probably be working on The Criticals. Sigh - off to a bad start already.

I am thankful for ... the well wishes and encouragement of good friends.

From the kitchen ... nothing spectacular today. The kitchen needs to be tidied up before any great creations can be made.

I am wearing ... khaki skirt (yes, I know! a skirt!), white cami, peachy-corally plaid shirt.

I am reading ... For fun, I'm still slowly plodding through New Moon (2nd time through it). Not for fun, I'm reading up on fun things like unemployment and COBRA.

I am hoping ... that it doesn't rain on my laundry.

I am creating ... a new program for myself, The Criticals.

I am praying ... that my faith about this job situation will continue to be strong.

Around the house ... much to catch up on, laundry rinsing, cats napping.

One of my favorite things ... having a cat curled up next to me while I type.

A few plans for the rest of the day ... After The Criticals are done, I need to start making to-do lists and packing for the long weekend.


Mel said...

I love this. I keep saying that I am going to do something similar to this. And I loved your comment to my comment ;)


Mel said...

Oh are you a member of the SWD or are you just doing it this once?

Laurel said...


I'm not a member at SWD, and I plan to do it whenever the mood strikes. Today could be the beginning and the end of it - you know how I blog (insert eye roll here....).