Thursday, March 19, 2009


housekeeping: (noun) a collection of random tidbits that are too short to be their own blog post
  • I've done a bit of rearranging over on my sidebar. You'll find many more links to blogs and websites that I frequent. They are organized by genre. While there are more blogs and sites on my "favorites" list, these are the sites I visit most frequently.
  • I've also added my email address over to the side, in case you would prefer to email me rather than leave a public comment. I welcome and treasure your thoughts and comments.
  • To the anonymous commenter from a few posts back, yes I have perused the FlyLady's website before. I've pulled bits of her program into my domestic life. For instance, I tend to clean in 15 minute bursts (15 minutes per room, cycling through the rooms on a particular floor of our home), because ANYONE can do ANYTHING for just 15 minutes. Unfortunately, her program feels like a bit too much structure for me. I'm more the kind of person who needs just the outline of a box to work in, rather than having the box entirely divided up into compartments. Does that make sense? Perhaps at another time in my life, it will work better.
  • Progress report: As of Tuesday, I had lost approximately 4 pounds. It's a start. Hoping to see more progress this coming Tuesday.
  • We haven't gotten any more updates regarding the situation at work. Not sure if that is good or bad (probably bad), but I'm doing OK. I think I'm doing as well as I am because I have a plan. I think knowing that we are preparing in the best way we can is helping to keep my stress levels down. My current work-related stress is more project-related at this point.
  • I'm totally obsessed with the Twilight series of books, but am trying to focus on the priorities (a test next week, homework due a week or so later, a paper due at the end of April) before I dive into the third book. My friend, Ann, said it best when she described the books, especially the first, as HOT. It's true - the books are a romance novel / chick lit kind of thing, but there is NO sex. It's kind of refreshing, and good to see since the characters are teenagers, but make no mistake - there is definitely a high degree of passion and HEAT still present.
  • See above - I'm up to my neck in work for my current class. Registration starts soon for the summer and fall classes. Hopefully, I will still have a job after I register to continue justifying my work toward this degree.
  • Friday (tomorrow) is the First Day of Spring. You know what this means - - - free ice at Rita's!!

I think I've covered all the odds-and-ends for today. Not sure if I will have any other posts before the weekend - if not, enjoy the wonderful spring weather, and I will see you next week!


Anonymous said...

Pssst...Laurel, when you're through with the wilight books, and feeling all empty inside because there's nothing left to read, I have more Literary Cheetos (You know...deelishous and cheesy, but have no "nutritional" value whatsoever,) for you.

Try reading the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast. More teenage vampire angst in quick, but fun reading series.

They've optioned to do eight books, so you're not left out in the cold, as of yet.

If you're loking for a little something more "meaty" try the "Silent" series by Deanna Raybourne. "Silent in the Grave is the first.

Melb. said...

I like the organization of your sidebar links. I seem to have that problem or grouping my links.