Monday, February 2, 2009


Poor little blog is feeling neglected. Guess I'd better do something about that.
  • Thanks to everyone who kept the political discussion of the previous post polite and well-behaved. I was glad we could have the discussion and wish more of my posts received that many comments :)
  • To the anonymous person whose word for the year is TRUST, thank you. I needed to read your words because sometimes I have the exact same problems with trust. Sometimes? Yeah, ok - LOTS of times. Thanks for the reminder.
  • I began another class towards my Master's degree on January 12, so that's why the posting frequency has nose-dived around here. Don't expect much of an improvement any time soon.
  • The situation at work is getting ... worse, more complicated, more frustrating. The acquisition passed all its regulatory approvals, but now the company that was going to buy us has said they are unable to do so at this time for financial reasons. So, the company I work for is suing them for breach of contract. The court date on that is in early March, which means the deal isn't going to close for at least another 6 weeks. In the mean time, my company has announced that 900 positions will be eliminated in order to save money. My particular group of 40 - 50 people will lose 7. These seven will be told by the end of February and will work until the end of March. I have no idea if my position is safe or not, but I am praying and preparing for either outcome. The sad part is that this is not the end. Regardless of the completion of the deal, more jobs will be lost. It feels quite inevitable at this point.
  • I have my performance review at work today. It's such a moot point right now - they've already said that there will be no raises this year or next, so this is just a formality. I still hope it goes well, though, because it could be used as a determining factor in the layoffs.
  • Shawn finally had his broken tooth removed on Thursday. Thank God for that, because he was quite anxious to have it done. It wasn't so much that he was in a lot of pain or discomfort (the real pain only lasted a couple of days) - he was just tired of waiting around and having it disrupt his life.
  • We've gotten almost all of the mess cleaned up from when the water pipe broke in the garage at our home in the Poconos. Thanks to Shawn for the majority of that work. When I got up there on Friday, I began the task of sorting through something things that he had saved, mainly papers and some cookbooks, to determine what needed to stay and what could go. And once again, I was faced with my own inability to throw things out. Sigh. But I did make progress, which is a good thing.
  • Still working on getting some CLARITY. Not sure that I've made much headway, since January has been one hell of a month, but I keep plugging away at it. Hopefully February will bring more success.
  • Speaking of February, it's a celebratory time of year for us. Might save that for it's own post though, just to brighten things up around here.

Tootles for now. Gotta put my nose back to the grindstone.

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Anonymous said...

We just had a discussion this weekend about me going for my Pee-Aych-Dee. My family was worried that I'd get all big headed, making everybody call me "Doctor."

I told them that I don't go around now making them call me "Master." Although. It sounds like fun.

Yay for you and your classes.

BTW...I'm the one with "Trust." NOtso good so far, but it's only Groundhog day.