Monday, February 2, 2009

bad things happen to good people

Life sucks. In fact, life can be down right shitty at times. But then again - you knew that already.

I learned earlier today that a coworker passed away over the weekend.

He was young - in his 40s - and he left behind a wife, a son in college, and a daughter who will graduate from high school this year. I guess I identify very closely with his children, since I was only 20 when my father passed away. The family was just getting back on its feet, after a house fire took everything they had almost 2 years ago.

I feel so horribly bad for his family, even though I've never met them. He leaves behind a tremendous void in their lives, and in our lives here at work as well. With times being shitty here at work, this almost feels like too much to bear - a slap in the face we could have done without, but also a reality check ... that no matter how bad work gets, it's family that matters first and most.

Sigh. Bad things really do happen to good people.

My thoughts and prayers are with Rich's family.
May they find comfort in knowing that he is in a better place,
where there is no pain or physical suffering.


Anonymous said...

that does suck laurel...sorry to hear it :(

Rollie said...

I was just watching an Extreme Home Makeover, very similiar story, Dad Died, drown, but even sadder, the oldest son went in to save him, and he wouldn't let go of him and he died about 5 hours later in the hospital. It was so sad to watch, I couldn't stop crying.
Whenever I hear or see this I just can't help but think about Josh and if he lost either Kate or I, it just works me into a very bad headache, and I just want to hug him and not let go.