Sunday, November 2, 2008

So what did you do this weekend?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Yes, I know, once again it's been forever since I updated. Shame on me.

As for my weekend, this picture pretty much sums it up.

What you're looking at ...
  • 10 C of pureed pumpkin
  • 8 pints of apple butter from 2 separate batches
  • 8 half-pints (8 oz jars) of apple conserves
  • 8 quarter-pints (4 oz jars) of cranberry mustard
  • 1 tuckered out domestic goddess

Not shown: the failed attempt at making Apple Peel Jelly. I found several recipes that gave instructions on how to cook the leftover peels and cores from making other apple goodies in order to produce juice that could be used for apple jelly. However, this idea only works if the apple juice you end up with has good flavor. What I made, although it was a pretty pink color, had little more flavor than water.

Also not shown: the bushel of apples that didn't even get touched. I didn't measure it, but it wouldn't suprise me to learn that it really is a whole bushel. All Northern Spy's, which should make good applesauce.

Something else not shown: my sore and tired feet. Signing off now to finish my adult beverage and put my feet up for a few hours before bed. Tootles!

(And yes, I really do wear an apron around the kitchen. Great way to protect my clothes, and it makes me feel especially domestic!)


Melb. said... really were domestic this weekend. It all looks and sounds wonderful. In case you were wondering I really like apple butter. You look like an advertisement for food. You little goddess you! :)

Anonymous said...

I made apple butter this weekend, too! Except I used the crock pot, and it'll be given away, or frozen, because I only heat can pepper jelly. I freeze everything else. Lazy, I guess.

We have people up the street who set out a table with baskets of apples. It's a little late for the good applesauce Mac's, but I have some empire and Spy apples. They're supposed to be really good for sauce.

Congratulations on your stash...I hope ours is as good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like fun! I keep wanting to try canning, but I'm intimidated, so I just freeze stuff. I made applesauce this weekend with the rest of our apples we picked a few weeks ago. Very yummy - much better than store bought. :)


Anonymous said...

Homemade applesauce is prettier, anyway, because it's pink.

Rollie said...

What a little domestic goddess you are!!
I am thinking some of that should make it to the Weisel House this weekend!! Just sayin!

Jen said...

my homemade applesauce wasn't pink - it was brown - dark brown and the apple butter was even darker. I think cinnamon planyed a role there though! :-)

It's all frozen now thanks to Laurel's advice. I don't think my hubby even asked where it went. He really wanted me to can - and I couldn't be bothered!!

I'll have honey to trade in the near future though!! :-)

Anonymous said...

when you are ready for spaghetti sauce canning i would be happy to give you my recipe and some tips and pointers-its easy and so much better tasting in the dead of winter than that store bought stuff! nice blog by the way...


Marlene said...

You domestic little queen, you.

Oh, and take Patti up on her offer to give you her spaghetti sauce canning recipe. is AMAZING. I did, and I'm in heaven every time I open a jar. :)

Anonymous said...

Darnit, Miss Laurel. I'm waiting to find out about your CVS deals this week. It's a real big circular.