Thursday, October 2, 2008

When free samples go horribly wrong - and Customer Service makes things right.

A few weeks ago, I requested a free sample of Nature Made vitamins after seeing Crystal mentioning them on her blog. This particular offer was for two weeks worth of liquid soft gels - ya know, the *liquid filled* things. We ain't talkin' 'bout tablets here, folks.

Monday when I got home from work, I had an envelope waiting for me from Nature Made. It was one of those envelopes with the bubble wrap lining. There was a small tear in the back of the envelope, but I wasn't too concerned. That is, until I opened the envelope and that vitamin smell wafted up at me. If you've taken vitamins, you know that smell I'm referring to - it's something to do with the fillers and such, I think. So, I tip over the envelope and out falls three pieces of plastic. They were what was left of the lid of the container. Ruh roh. Not good.

I pull out the rest of the contents of the envelope - one piece of paper with a coupon, and one brown plastic bottle that didn't look so much like a plastic bottle anymore. This particular brown plastic bottle had been crushed. Actually, it looked like what would happen to a bottle of this type and shape if you were to step on its side. The bottle had been crushed with such force that the paper-foil seal thingy on the top was popped off. Not torn - no, it was popped off by the force of the bottle being crushed. No wonder the lid itself was in three pieces. And needless to say, the soft gels were ... softer. Crushed, as well, which explains the vitamin-y smell I was getting. And if you were wondering, the vitamin I chose to receive was a loverly shade of yellow orange.

So, I did what any self-respecting freebie gatherer would do. I called the company.

I explained that yes, the envelope was torn, but no, it wasn't anything that would have lead me to believe I would find a crushed bottle inside. I explained that the seals were broken, and the soft gels were crushed. And I politely asked for a resend of the same product.

It should arrive in a few weeks.

I love it (LOVE IT) when Customer Service actually steps up to the plate and honors the customer. Kudos to you, Nature Made Vitamins. Looking forward to doing business with you again.

If you go to the Nature Made website, you will see that the offer is still available. You get your choice of different vitamins, and you should receive a coupon with your sample.

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Ruby said...

Gotta love excellent customer service :) I just ordered some vitamins today so thanks for the link :) I love free stuff...we ought to compare notes...I am a cvs addict as of the past 6 months and have saved oodles...I almost never pay anything out of pocket...Yay for being frugal, thrifty, cheap...some people are offended by such words...I am darn proud of how much i save my family every month,so go you!