Monday, September 29, 2008

What a Difference a Decade Makes

All the recent events with the economy, energy crisis and upcoming election have me feeling introspective. Thus, this post.


10 years ago, I was 18.
Today, I am 28.

10 years ago, I was single and didn't have any prospects of meeting Mr. Right, or any guy for that matter.
Today, I have been happily married for exactly 5 years and 2 days.

10 years ago, my parents were too strict because they wouldn't let me take my car with me to college.
Today, my father has been gone for 7 and a half years, my mother has been gone for just over 1 year, my grandmother has been gone less than a week, and I would give anything to have them each back for just one more day.

10 years ago, I was finishing my first month of college.
Today, I have just had my 6th anniversary of working for my current employer, and I'm wondering what the future holds for me there.

10 years ago, I couldn't wait to get out of Small Town, Pennsylvania.
Today, I can't wait to get back there.

10 years ago, America was the invincible top dog.
Today, we live in a very uncertain world with terrorists who would love to see this country crumble and an economy that is on very shaky ground.

10 years ago, my biggest concern was getting to class on time and figuring out how to pay my credit card bill.
Today, my biggest concern is getting to work on time and having enough money in the bank to pay ALL the bills (utilities AND credit cards AND car payments AND student loans AND rent AND on AND on AND on....), while still having enough left over for groceries and other necessities.

10 years ago, EVERYTHING was a necessity because I was 18 and invincible - and mom and dad would always bail out my credit card bill.
Today, I like to think that I consider every purchase, but I still don't always make wise choices with my money.

10 years ago, gas was less than $1.50 a gallon. (12 years ago, gas was 99 cents a gallon.)
Today, gas is $3.49 and that seems like a GOOD price.

10 years ago, I thought that I would never be in a position where grocery shopping would be too expensive.
Today, I clip coupons and have a weekly grocery budget, while playing the CVS game and keeping track of which generics are OK and which are not so great.

10 years ago, the grocery store provided everything I needed to cook with, and growing vegetables seemed like too much work.
Today, I wish we were in a place where we could have a real garden full of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

10 years ago, I scoffed at the idea of canning foods and swore that I would never do it.
Today, I am planning on canning barbecue sauce, pear honey and more blueberry jam - among others.

10 years ago, I trusted the things that I bought at the grocery store.
Today, I read the labels to make sure nothing was made in China.

10 years ago, life was simpler.
Today, I long for that simplicity.


Melb. said...

Nice post.

Rollie said...

ah yes what a difference 10 years can make!

This will be amazing to look back on in another 10 years!

Keep hope and faith alive, this world has been around a long time and I imagine it being here a long time yet to come. We will come thru this.

Miss ya!

Alexis said...

Great post Laurel- ugh- 10 years ago I didn't have the angel and the devil :) otherwise known as Griffin and Lily!! I wouldn't give anything to go back!!! No matter how much better my body looked before kids :)

Jen said...

I loved reading that tonight. All too true. My biggest much are you canning? (aka - will we need a dumpster when you move back here?)

Just remember if you have too much - I'm a friend in need (i mean indeed) he he

Marlene said...

Gotta tell ya.....I do the same thing with checking the labels for the word "China"!