Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Night's CVS Deal

Sorry that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of this deal, but it was a doozie! Doozy? However you spell it.
  • Right Guard and Soft n Dri deoderant was on sale for $2.99 and you got $2 in ECB back for each one. That effectively made them 99 cents each, with a limit of 5 items. I had 5 coupons for $1 each, so I got 5 deorderants essentially for free.
  • Schick Quattro disposable razors were on sale BIGI. At CVS, a BIG sale means that you can use 2 coupons - 1 on each item technically, but realistically it amounts to taking the value of the 2 coupons off of the price of the non-free item. Follow me? So, I had lots of coupons, some $2 and some $3. The $3 coupons were for an extra fancy model, and even though the signage within the store was super spotty and the vast majority of the sale items were not marked, I decided to risk using the coupons for the extra fancy razors without knowing for sure if they were a part of the sale. So, each pack of razors was $7.99 and I used two $3 coupons. That means I got 2 packs of razors (6 razors total) for $1.99.
  • I grabbed a couple of odds and ends - Shawn needed face wash ($4 and change) and I had a raging headache, so I grabbed a 99 cent travel pack of Advil.
  • GRAND TOTAL - After using $11 in coupons and something like $17 in ECB from last week's trip .......... $1.72.

Yes, that's right - I got 5 deoderants, 2 packages of razors, facewash and Advil for less than $2. And the only reason I paid that much was because you can't really use the ECB for sales tax. I was totally excited by my purchase. Shawn was his usual apathetic self when I shared my deal. I think he is worried that I will become a bit of a hoarder like my mother was. The difference, though, is that we will use things like deorderant, shampoo and body wash before they spoil. The same can't be said of the 4 bottles of ketchup that Mom would buy at any given time, when there were already 3 in the pantry.

Getting that many things for less than $2 totally made up for the fact that I had someone with the brain capacity of an amoeba as my cashier. She couldn't get my coupons to scan, accidentally ended the transaction without scanning all my coupons, and then didn't know how to correct what she had done ..... bad scene, but I was good. As much as I was screaming in my head, "Where the &^## is the &!^$ manager?", I managed to keep a cool head and waited patiently while my purchase was fixed.

Can't wait to take a look at next week's ad - I love getting stuff for free!


Melb. said...

I should pay more attention to my CVS emails and coupons. You know how I don't read anything. You might have to review the process with me. LOL

Melb. said...

BTW: I HATE that word verifcation thing!!!!

Marlene said...

Well done.

From the one who *does* have three extra bottles of ketchup in her pantry! (cuz they're yummy delicious CANADIAN Heinz ketchups without the "high fructose corn syrup" added) :)

Jen said...

I'm glad you're shopping smart. One time when you are up here - we should make a days event of going around shopping and getting deals!! You bring the coupon box, I'll bring the binder! :-)

Oh - and if you start hoarding - I will find out and I will stop you!!! It's genetic, so I'm keeping an eye out. Tell Shawn to rest easy!

I didn't do much at CVS this week. Next week I have to go to spend $8.00 in Extra Bucks. I'm liking Rite Aid lately too!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I took a break from drugstore deals last week, but I think I'll be back again this week.