Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally an update!

Yes, I know - I've been a bad blogger. And now you finally get an update from me - but I don't feel like I have much to say.
  • Went to SAVE. Got 7 LO's done (9 pages total). Really pleased with most of them because they turned out nicely. The others were simpler - one I even called my "practice LO", because I started with it to get over my excitement of being there.
  • Went to the Poconos for Labor Day weekend. Didn't do anything super exciting... mowed the grass... went to the fair... tidied up a little bit... see? nothing exciting.
  • Helped to make a movie at work. It was a promotional piece for a new product launched this summer, and it will be on YouTube of all places. It started out ok, but got really corny / cheesy / hokey .... I really hope someone's artistic touches make it look better than it felt to be doing it. I mean, seriously - we were wearing pointy party hats, and the film crew was dropping "confetti" in front of the camera.

I think those are all the highlights. I had wanted to do a post last week of the deals I got, but since the deals expired when the week ended, it doesn't seem as worthwhile to post about. But I will say that it was very nice to have the Rite Aid cashier say, "Man - I'm shopping with you next time!!". Clearly my coupons made an impact on that trip.

Things coming this week... hmm, not much. Yes, I know, I'm living a boring life these days. Hopefully the blogging bug comes back... I don't like going so long between posts, but I don't always feel like I have anything worth sharing.

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