Thursday, August 21, 2008

Only 1 More Sleep!!

Just one more! Only tonight is separating me from a weekend of scrapping and relaxing at SAVE. Shawn and I packed most of my stuff into the car tonight... only my clothes, toiletries, 'puter and miscellaneous are left - just 3 small bags.

So, what am I planning on crafting while I'm there?
  • I'm taking all the Arizona material with me... still plenty to work on there, but I'm hoping to do other scrapping to prevent Arizona from becoming an unfinished chore.
  • I've scanned in and copied old pictures I found up in the Poconos, and can't wait to get all vintage-y and shabby on them.... a new truck my dad got in 1963... my parents' wedding day in 1965... my mom on a tractor sometime in the 70's or 80's
  • I have PLENTY of new pics to scrap, too... pictures of Mountain Laurel - I want to scrap the story of my name... pics of me on a lawn tractor - possibly to be used in conjunction with the pics of Mom on a tractor, but I'm not sure... Christmas 2007 is unfinished, and Christmas 2008 isn't started... and plenty more where those came from.
  • I also wouldn't mind taking some time to be able to sit and actually focus on getting down some blog post ideas... either entire posts, or just notes for future use. I have a lot of ideas floating around in this head of mine, but I very rarely get a chance to get them out - that very problem is also one of the things I want to write about.

So, as you can see, there is a lot of scrapping I can do. How much I actually get done remains to be seen. I did 14 pages (not layouts - pages) last August. It would be nice to do that many or more this year, but I'm taking two classes and getting a massage, so I'm not sure it will actually happen. I'm optimistic, and will enjoy myself regardless.

I might try to post from Split Rock, but if not, you'll hear from me next week. Tootles!!

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