Thursday, August 7, 2008

I think I did something bad.

Ok, I've been wanting to write about all the jam I made and my other domestic activities, but I really need to take this moment to tell you about something I did last night. I think I did something bad. Really bad. BAD.

I dumped almost all of my Prima flowers out of their bottles and into 1 gallon-size zip-top bag.

Yes, that's right. I dumped out at least 8 ... maybe as many as 12 ... jars of Prima flowers into 1 single bag.

Why did I do it?
  • It's a serious pain to try to dig the flowers out of the jar. Shaking the jar doesn't work. Tweezers are OK, but you have to be careful to not rip the flower as you're tweezing it. All around annoyance, especially with my pudgy fingers.
  • The jars take up a lot of room. They had been serving a decorative purpose at one point in my scraproom history, but there got to be too many of them. I put all the jars into a basket then, but it was a large basket. Took up lots of room, and of course, since the jars are heavy, I can't just use any ole' basket or set the basket any ole' place.
  • The jars are not very portable, again because of the heaviness and bulkiness. And you know me - I have to be prepared for any scrapping situation, so I'd like to be able to have every possibly color on hand. This is especially important because I'm packing to go away to SAVE in two weeks.

Why was this bad?

  • Because I am one of the most anal people I know.
  • Because aesthetics and organization are important to me and to my anal requirement for visual balance.

I knew it was bad even as I was doing it ... I was feeling definite pangs of regret with every jar I dumped ... Shawn was even sitting there telling me that I was going to regret it. He later said that he gave me 3 months, max, before I decided to sort them all back out again and return them to their jars.

But I did it anyway. I forced my practical side to overturn my anal side. When I said this to Shawn, he said that sometimes practicality isn't the most important thing. Guess he knows me all too well, huh?

As I sat there last night, looking at the bag full of flowers, I decided it looked like visual vomit. Brights and pastels and darks all mixed up together. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture to show you. But when I look at my jars of buttons, which are also a jumbled mix of colors, sizes and textures, I don't see visual vomit. Part of me reasoned that if the buttons look good all mixed up, the flowers would too. Not so much the case. Maybe the flowers would look better in a jar, rather than the bag? Probably not.

Ugh. I'm not crazy - there's no way I'm going to sort them all back out. (But if I did, it wouldn't be the first time that I un-did some crazy reckless decision that went against my anal-ness.)

At least I was somewhat smart about it - I didn't include the obviously Christmas flowers, nor did I include the ones that were of larger or odd sizes. And I also knew enough to walk away before the reckless decision making turned to some other part of my scraproom. I know some people who can handle having their brads or eyelets all jumbled up. No, thank you! Not for me! I've got those sorted out by color in bead boxes, and I was half afraid that if I stayed in the room a minute longer they too would fall prey to my reckless hands.

Ugh. Someone tell me that they've done this with their flowers, and that it all turned out OK. Someone reassure me that it will grow on me, and that it won't look as much like visual vomit. Someone tell me that this was a good decision, 'cause right now it feels BAD.


MelB. said...

hahahahahaha....I love it...visual vomit...well you will be happy to hear that I just did the same thing...I am sick of all these little stupid bottles and jars. But come had to think that "I" would do something like that...remember I put all my ribbon in that see through ribbon bag AND I don't have them peeking through the holes anymore. The holes ruin the ribbon. Remember.. simplify! When you are working on a project you pull out ONE bag. ok you could have two bags, one for pastel and one for darks. Another reason for you to simplify is because if you think that I am going to haul all your stuff into the conference room at SAVE again you are sadly mistaken :)

Jen said...

The glass is not half empty (visual vomit) but instead half full, a complete mosiac-like scattering of any color flower you may ever need. Think of the practicality. Imagine the color combinations that you might never have been inspired to use if you didn't mix the bottles!! Possibilities are endless. don't fight it, love knew a day would come where it would be necessary to consolidate, you're just being proactive! :-)

Marlene said...

Blasphemy! Oh dear goodness. I'd need a garbage bag to fit all my primas. Yup....mine are still in jars. All 72 or so jars.

MelB. said...

Yeh Marlene, we all know about your OBSESSION with Prima!!!!

Alexis said...

GASP! I literally did gasp when I read your small pring :)
While I agree with you that they are more easily portable this way, I don't think I could have done it! I'm proud of you for taking this step though.