Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ok, "Wow!!" is all I can think of right now for a title to this post. I checked my counter and Feedjit gizmos earlier today and noticed an uptick in traffic, but when I checked just now - I've had at least 21 brand spankin' new visitors to my blog in the past 24 hours! 21 new visitors!! Wowzers!

All I can say is - where are y'all comin' from????

I don't mean in the physical sense, because I can see you're from California, North and South Dakota, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, and several other states in between. I mean in the internet sense - how did you find lil ol' me?!?!

You're showing up as "direct hits" on Bravenet, so it doesn't look like you've done a search for something I've mentioned. That usually shows up as a Google page with whatever topic you've searched for. It doesn't look like you're coming from a site who has my blog listed as a link, because then that site would show up as your origination point.

You've got my curiosity up. I never thought I'd have people stopping by from all over the country, and I might poop myself if (when??) I get an international visitor.

So help me out. Tell me how you've found me. I'm curious. Leave a comment for me on this post, letting me know how you found this blog. I just might make it worth your while - I'm thinking a little RAK or something, drawn from those of you who leave a comment.

You peeps have seriously made my day! Thanks!!


seashell said...

omg i saw someone from liberty missouri.....i used to live in liberty! did anyone leave a message?

Laurel said...

-> Seashell, nope - I haven't gotten any messages from any of these out of state visitors.

Angie A. said...

Hi Laurel..
Now ya had someone visit from alburtis PA..Ha Ha...I love your daisy page header...same colors as my daughters wedding last month..
talk to you later.. now go scrap something..

MelB. said...

Hey angie a. she NEVER posts her layouts. o.k. there is one LO.

Anonymous said...

someone mentioned you yesterday.