Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vacation starts tomorrow!!

Just wanted to let you all know that vacation starts tomorrow - that means there won't be any updates until next week. Shawn and I are going to Kutztown tomorrow to the Kutztown Festival, and from there we're going to the Poconos for the rest of the weekend.

It's been a couple of years since we've made it to Kutztown for the festival, and we are really looking forward to it. Each time that we've gone, we've bought one or two small hand-crafted items but there have always been many more items that we couldn't buy - either for lack of money or lack of space to put them. Both of those situations are in a little bit better position at the moment, so we're looking forward to getting something nice as a present to ourselves.

One such treat is probably going to be a print from Paul Grecian. If you click on his name or on the link on the sidebar, you can get to Paul's blog, and if you click here you can reach his main website where you can view his work. We first saw Paul's work a couple of years ago at an art show at Cabela's in Hamburg, PA, which was being held to benefit Hawk Mountain. At that time, we purchased a copy of "Flowers for Her" for my mother's Christmas present. This print features a female cardinal sitting in a flowering apple tree. We're hoping that we can pick up a copy of the companion print, "Flowers for Him," tomorrow at the Festival. We think they would look beautiful hanging together. While I can't link to the pictures here, I encourage you to check out Paul's site. He has some fabulous work, and it will be hard to stop ourselves at just one. Or two.

So, that's Wednesday. After that, we'll be getting things ready for a little picnic on Saturday. It's our way of thanking everyone who helped us out over the past year since Mom died. Believe me, it's been a full year - everything from stuffing a dumpster to installing a new vanity and sink. And painting - LOTS of painting. I hope to take a few pictures, but I admit that I am not always so good at taking pictures of or around people who don't know that I'm a picture / scrapbooking freak. If I'm successful, I'll post the results here. If not, I'm sure I will at least have stories to tell.

Until then - enjoy your holiday weekend! Happy Fourth of July!!!


MelB. said...

DUDE! I thought you started vacation on Thursday. I didn't even say goodbye!

Jen said...

are you the "young lady" in Paul G's blog buying that cardinal?? I think I might know you too well!!!

MelB. said...

Wow Jen! You really do know her well.