Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scratchin' That Itch

Last night I decided to look for a cross-stitch that I started a few years ago, in the hopes that it would "scratch the itch" I had for doing some craft work. This particular piece is a flowery heart that will have the "Love is patient, Love is kind..." verse below it. So did it work? Well, a little bit, I guess. A smidge. I still want to try my hand at the yo-yo quilt, but the cross stitch will do. It will tide me over until I can buy the yo-yo quilt materials. What's holding me up - what's stopping me from rushing out to get the fabric and thread and other such goodies?
  • We're trying really hard to get our finances (read: credit card debt) under control once again, so I'm trying really, really hard to cut back on impulse and frivolous spending.
  • The yo-yo quilt, for all its simplicity, is a time consuming project to undertake. Especially to make a true "quilt" out of them, rather than just a table runner. I don't want to go whole-hog (read: spend lots of $$) for something that will end up shoved in a closet in some half-assed unfinished state.
  • See previous post regarding Domestic Goddess ADHD. That little problem will ensure that the yo-yo's end up in the aforementioned half-assed unfinished state.

So, basically, I don't want to go whole-hog for something that is almost destined to not get finished. I'd like to give the cross stitch thing a chance - see if working on that for a while (maybe even - GASP - finishing it) will dull the urge to go yo-yo crazy. Oh, I'm sure I'll give in and buy the yo-yo stuff eventually, but if I can put it off for a few weeks, then I will know that it is something I really want to try and not just another impulse purchase.

As a little insight into my impulse decisions in the world of crafting, my dear friend Jen left a comment on the Yo-Yo Post ... something to the effect of "Oh no - here we go again!". Hahaha :) . Jen and I have this ... history ... of getting each other involved in crafting. And I'm assuming that her comment referred to this "history".

  • The summer after our freshman year of college, we were bored. Wanted something to do. So, we went to Wal-Mart. Found ourselves in the craft aisle. Decided to try small (5x7 inch) cross stitch kits of apples. We each got the same kit and taught ourselves how to cross stitch. We each followed those up with different projects. I made a very pretty wolf picture for Shawn. It was much bigger than 5x7, and I kid you not - it took my YEARS to finish. Mainly because I was in college and there were other things more important than cross stitch.
  • Junior year of college, I went out and bought myself a used sewing machine from 1960-something for $100. Don't really remember why. Think maybe part of it was because Jen was sewing pillows and other cute stuff, and I wanted to try too? I dunno. All I do know is that I decided to make myself a dress, and Jen helped me cut out the pattern and fabric.
  • Winter 2003-2004 (I think... or was it 2004-2005?). Jen started scrapbooking, and I totally blew it off. "I would never waste my time doing that. Bah!" Yeah. Right. Shoulda kept my mouth SHUT on that one. It wasn't too long, and guess what? I was scrapbooking, too.
  • HAHAHAHA! The funniest thing just happened - while I was typing this little bullet list, I got an email from Jen. Guess she knew I was thinking about her, huh? Anyway, in this email (hope you don't mind me sharing), Jen said that she had seen the yo-yo quilts before, even saved the pattern at one point, but had never "scratched the itch". Then she went on to say that she just might join me after she finishes her current craft project. So it seems that the "history" continues! Love ya girl!! When we're ready to start, you'll have to come to my Super JoAnn's for a big ole' shopping spree for fabric and supplies.

So that's my crafting history. Weird impulsive decisions that have lead to a lifetime's supply of hobbies. Well, and a lifetime's supply of SUPPLIES too! (Mel and Jen - you *know* what I am talking about, you've seen my room!) Now if only there weren't this pesky thing called WORK that stood in the way of my crafting time ...

Oh, wait - that pesky thing called WORK is what PAYS for my crafty supplies. Guess there's no escaping it. Darn.


Jen said...

HA HA! Love you too! I never quite took the time to think about our porject history, but boy do we have one! I remember sitting in my living room starting the apple cross stitch though!

Well I have to say, your ADHD might have made me fell quite lazy and I have spent some time today finishing a few tasks. One of which is to go to the chiroprator/massage therapist at 6 pm. Which will be great after lugging 6 bags FILLEd with clothes for the Salvation Army (yes! one pile off the bedroom floor!) So thanks for the inspiration, but I'm going to keep going. Need to print my Sal Val list for tax purposes now :-)

Make fun of me anytime on your blog!!

MelB. said...

hahaha...."Yes Dear, I really DO need all that paper".

Alexis said...

Right now just try concentrate on SAVE- lololol- that will keep you away from quilting for now!!