Monday, July 21, 2008

I think I'm suffering from Domestic Goddess ADHD. **

So, recently I've been feeling this urge to be all domestic. I want to cook, clean, decorate, organize, etc. Grocery lists, meal plans, coupon-clipping, budgeting - all of that. I want to get creative. Try something new. Play.

And it's really frustrating when I can't scratch that domestic itch. And then, of course, because I have this strong desire to be domestic, it's like I can't focus on any particular task. This was my life this weekend...

Laundry? You got it! Oh, but wait - there's a sink full of dishes. Ok, I'll do the dishes when the laundry is washing.

Dishes done, laundry spinning. Now what? Oh - the grocery ads. Plan my lists and find the deals. But wait - what should we have for dinner? Do I have any of that in the cupboards? These cupboards are a nightmare - forget the lists, need to organize the cupboards.

What? The load of laundry is done? Ugh - but I'm halfway through the cupboards. Fine - I'll hang the laundry and get another load going, then come back to this.

Laundry is hung, but these plants really need to be pruned. Where are the pruners?

Ok, found the pruners in the kitchen. Man, would you look at the mess on the counter top! Prune first, mess second.

Pruning is done, but now I'm hot and sweaty. Ok, time for a break.

Break's done, but so is the laundry. Time to hang it up and get another load spinning.

Yuck - it's 90+ degrees out there, so I'm hot and sweaty again after hanging up the laundry. Time for another break.

Lunch? You want lunch? Ok, we'll do lunch. But wait - there's no where to make lunch - - the counter top is covered in the remnants of the cupboard organization. Need to finish this before we can have lunch.

(And all the while that this was going on, my head was spinning with thoughts of the laundry that needed folded, the kitchen table that I haven't seen the top of in more than a month, the scrap room that I haven't visited in a looonnnggg time, etc etc etc.)

Sigh. Was your head spinning through all of that? Mine sure was. And even though I managed to clear up some clutter and we vacuumed the downstairs, I still feel unfulfilled. The domestic itch is still there. There is more cleaning I want to do. There are sour cherries in my refrigerator begging to be baked into something yummy. My fingers are itching for something tactile and creative - I even feel an urge to whip out the sewing machine. Doesn't help that every time I peruse the internet, I find more ideas, projects, domestic inspirations.

I think it's only appropriate to say that I am suffering from Domestic Goddess ADHD. Wouldn't you agree?

** Please do not take offense at my reference to ADHD. I mean it only as a tongue-in-cheek reference to my own lack of focus.

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MelB. said...

HAHAHAHA....I can SO relate to that. I go from chore to chore w/o finishing before I move on. It drives Fred crazy. I can't help it...I start doing something and I spot something esle that needs to be done. My worst problem is making dinner. I am practicing just focusing on dinner when I am making dinner!