Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Domestic Inspirations: Yo-Yo Quilt

Ok, remember how a few posts back I said that I wanted to do something tactile and be creative? Well, for whatever reason, this struck me as something that might be fun to do.

Yo-yo quilts are made using small circles of fabric that have been stitched and gathered. The gathered circles are referred to as yo-yo's, and they are held to one another with a few stitches along the edges. In the past, they were perceived as a useful way to use up fabric scraps that couldn't be made into something else. Thus, a lot of the older (vintage) yo-yo quilts are a tremendous hodge-podge of colors and patterns. Of course today yo-yo's can be made to match any color scheme you would choose.

There are two different ways to attach yo-yo's to one another - at 4 points, and at 6 points. 4 point attachment provides a grid-like look, with each row having the same number of yo-yo's. 6 point attachment gives a hexagonal look, with the yo-yo's fitting much closer together.The beauty of the design is such that you can truly make any size quilt you can imagine. Use just a few yo-yo's, and you can make a trivet for a hot pot. Add a few more, and you have a table runner. Keep going, and you can make a bed-size quilt. The possibilities are truly endless.

So, I'm feeling the urge to try my hand at this. Literally - try my *hand*. You can't really machine stitch these yo-yo's, so it is definitely a "handicraft". But on the plus side, you can cut out a whole bunch of circles and have a ready-to-go craft that can easily be taken with you. Just toss the fabric, needle, thread and a small pair of scissors in a Ziploc bag, toss it in your purse, and you've got the perfect thing to keep you occupied while you're sitting in a waiting room.

This urge to do something tactile, and now this discovery of the yo-yo quilt has me absolutely *itching* to go to JoAnn's Fabric. I've got all kinds of ideas for color combos I could pick. One problem - I think my urging and itching would lead to a lot of trouble at JoAnn's. $$$ trouble. So, I'm trying to restrain myself for a few more days. Waiting until next week maybe, until I get paid again and have a few more dollars in my Spending Money envelope (more on that in another post). Until then, I'll be Googling these beauties and getting all kinds of ideas in my head. Sigh ... Google can be your friend, or it can be an evil temptress!


Pictures from "The Yo-yo Quilt". More information & instructions are provided there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laurel. You know that you can get a yo-yo maker at Joann's.

You put a circle of fabric around it, and then stitch. It holds the fabric in place, then you pop it off then tighten the yoyo.

Laurel said...

>> Anonymous,

Yes, I've seen those in my Google efforts. I do think that I will pick one up - straight lines are hard enough to sew!

Jen said...

uh-ho!! Here we go.....

MelB. said...

This is really cool looking!