Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to the Grind

Well, it's taken a few hours, but I think I'm finally awake enough to write something coherent here. Not enough coffee in all the WaWa's in all the land could wake me up this morning. Isn't that the way it is, though? That first day back from a vacation or holiday is always a bit rough.

I'll try not to be too wordy in my recap of the weekend, but if you know me then you know that's a struggle sometimes. Oh, and there are no pictures. Yep, I know - bad scrapbooker. I enjoyed the moments, rather than trying to capture them all.
  • Wednesday we went to the Kutztown Folk Festival. We made a beeline for Paul Grecian's booth, and sure enough - we were his first sale of the day!! Check out his blog to see where he mentions it. We bought "Flowers for Him" and returned later in the day to purchase "Blue Bird". Can't wait to get those framed and hung up. Love his work, can't say that enough. Might catch him up in Hawley at the Audubon Art and Craft Festival, but if not, we'll definitely try to catch up with him later this year. There are so many of his pieces that we love - more than we could ever have wall space for.
  • Sometime Wednesday night, we caught a raccoon in our trap. We were trying for the groundhog who has been nibbling my petunias, but got the Masked Bandit instead. Shawn let him go, because we didn't figure he was much of a nuisance, but when he ran and hid in a hole under the barn we realized that he just might be a bit of a problem. We then decided that perhaps it was the Masked Bandit who had been digging up turtle eggs rather than the turtles hatching as we had earlier suspected.
  • Thursday we went to Wal-Mart for a few things and then took care of some business at the bank. Also did some clean-up work for our picnic on Saturday.
  • Thursday night we lost our hot water, right when I was about to wash some dishes. Could have been worse - one of us could have been in the shower when it happened. Never fear though - a quick call to the oil company, and a few hours later my cousin showed up to fix it for us.
  • Early Friday morning I ran to the grocery store and was able to fill my cart and get outta there before the crowds got crazy. Gotta love holiday weekends in the Poconos - there are as many people up for the weekend as there are leaves on the trees. Traffic is a nightmare, and the grocery store is only fit for shopping within its first hour or two of being open. The grocery trip was followed by lots and lots of cooking, baking and cleaning to get ready for the picnic.

Saturday was Picnic Day. Shawn and I both woke up with a headache - mine went away with 3 Advil and a hot shower. His did not go away, and he stayed in bed until something like 9:00, which is totally unheard of for him. So of course I was feeling very ... anxious ... about all that needed to get done before our guests started arriving. I spent a lot of time giving the walls dirty looks and screaming the silent screams of frustration, because of course I couldn't yell at someone who wasn't feeling well. In the end, Shawn came out of his fog and was able to help out a bit before the picnic. Also, as usual, I did not need to be freaking out like I was - we managed to have everything set up with 45 minutes to spare. At 2:15 we were sitting on the porch drinking sodas waiting for guests to arrive, which didn't happen for a whole hour. The invitation time was 3:00, but no one came until 3:15. I'm coming to realize that there aren't very many people like me in the world. You know, the (annoying) type who arrives at least 15 minutes early for everything. Yep, that's me. I swear it's genetic. It's in my blood. I cannot help but be early for everything.

Anyway, the picnic turned out to be a really nice time for everyone. The kids had a blast - they were running, laughing, carrying on. They were up and down the hill, criss-crossing the creek all night long, with the bug bites and bramble scratches to prove it. As for the adults, we had a great time sitting around talking and catching up. Shawn and Val entertained everyone with their pyromaniac skills. The kids were thrilled to have "Miss Val" light their sparklers, and then when Shawn and Val started lighting off fireworks, the kids just lay right down in the grass to watch. It was so much fun - can't wait to do it again next year. That's why I love to entertain... the feeling of getting people together for a good time and a good laugh. Found some Christmas-y paper plates and napkins in the stash of party supplies... might have to recreate this fun in a few months. Minus the campfire, of course.

Another quick moment of humor, or at least something that Shawn and I found humorous. We had one cooler designated for "adult beverages". We stocked it with Yuengling, various flavors of Woodchuck, and a raspberry wheat beer whose name escapes me at the moment. All of it was bought at the neighborhood grocery store. Now, Woodchuck is not really beer - it's hard cider- and I've always kinda thought of hard cider as a hick-ish redneck-y kind of drink. Several of our guests would somewhat fit into this type of backwoods category, but they had NEVER heard of Woodchuck. Never. Shawn and I were completely surprised. When we told them you could get it at the store in town, they were floored, mainly because that store doesn't have a good variety of anything at all. They also had never had the raspberry beer, and were thrilled to learn you could get that in town, too. It was just one of those moments we weren't expecting but made for some great conversation.

So, that was the weekend in a nutshell. Of course, Sunday was spent finishing the clean-up and returning to our real home. Blech. Back to the grind of work, too. Blech. We just love spending time up in the Poconos so much... it's definitely hard to come back down here. Oh well... that's our life these days. We'll get back up there this coming weekend though - it's blueberry season, and I need to go pick a few hundred cups of the precious blue goodness!!


MelB. said...

I had Woodchuck you're surprised...cause I am such a "girly girl" according to you.

Never heard of Paul Grecian. His work is beautiful though.

Oh and as far as being annoyingly (is that a word?) early...that is Fred all the way. I have told him that I refuse to set up for an event that we were invited as guests to....that's how early he is for events. :Þ

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for the kind words and link to my blog. I really do appreciate your support. So nice to see you at the show this year! I look forward to our next meeting.

Jen said...

for the record....if I did not have to stop for ice at the supermarket on 4th of July weekend filled with campers and tourists who are lacking skill in small town grocery store etiquette, I would have been there on TIME! :-)

It was a great party. I had so much fun and the food was so good! Thanks for a great picnic!