Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a great weekend!!

Was this weekend gorgeous, or what?? Not only did we have spectacular weather, but we had a very relaxing weekend as well.

Saturday, we went north to Hickory Run State Park. We spent most of the day there. After a quick lunch of some sandwiches from WaWa, we walked along a stream while Shawn fished and I provided moral support. When we grew tired of that, we returned to the picnic area and cooked up some hot dogs for our dinner. After dinner, it was threatening rain but Shawn wanted to fish some more since he was unsuccessful during the afternoon. We tried out another stream, one that we used to frequent when we were able to escape to the park more often. I sat at the dam and read, while Shawn fished further downstream. Despite being disturbed by two noisy and boisterous groups of tourists, I was able to enjoy my book (Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides) and Shawn was able to catch 5 trout. He was very glad for that, since his fishing has been in a serious dry spell for quite some time. When we got on the highway to head south, it was around 8:00 and we got home somewhere around 9:30. Quick showers and then off to bed. It was sooooo nice to have a day where we didn't *have* to do anything or *have* to be anywhere. We operated at our own pace, and were able to stay out until the evening because it was a Saturday.

Today started out with the best of intentions. I wanted to run some errands (Target, Giant, Acme) and then clean up the house. Well, the errands got done but little progress was made on the clean-up. Around mid-afternoon, we decided to venture out to BJ's. We were hot and feeling gross inside the house because of the humidity, but the temperature wasn't high enough to warrant using the AC. So, we decided to go to BJ's since it was somewhere we had been wanting to check out. We singed ourselves up for the membership and began our exploration. It wasn't all that different from Sam's Club, where we used to be members, but it did seem to have more stuff that we would use and at better prices. The meat looked great - we'll see how it tastes after we have our steaks for dinner tomorrow night! After we got back from BJ's, it was time for dinner. Shawn grilled up some chicken legs and used our fave BBQ sauce - it's called Stubb's, and it has an awesome homemade taste to it. I highly recommend it - waaayyy better than the Kraft stuff in a bottle.

So, now it's evening. We just finished cleaning up from dinner. I'm sitting out on the back porch catching up on 'puter stuff, and Shawn just took his fishing rod down to the creek. And so the relaxation continues. Love it!!

Couple of things, before I wrap this up.
1 - Check out the poll over to the left. There are only 3 days left to vote.
2 - Drop by my friend's blog and leave her some cheery thoughts. She's facing some time in a cast, and I think that anyone who has ever been in a cast knows that the summertime is the absolute worst time to be wrapped in a cast. The itching, oh the itching! And the inability to take a real shower is a definite bummer, especially with all the heat and humidity.

Enjoy what little bit is left of the weekend!! I know I will!


MelB. said...'re so sweet!

Sounds like an awesome weekend that you guys had! How far did you get in the book. I read that and thought it was very good.

5 trout...WOW.

Laurel said...

>> Mel,

Finished the book yesterday. Started it a week or two ago. It is a very good book - I had to keep reminding myself that it was FICTION, because it reads so much like a memoir.

Yes, 5 trout is a lot - but a lot of the streams he fishes "back home" are places where he can catch twice that many in a day. Still, 5 in an hour and a half is awesome!!