Monday, June 30, 2008

We've Got a New Neighbor

So, Shawn and I spent another weekend in the Poconos. When we got back, as we drove past our house to park the car, we noticed that the door to the 2nd floor unit on the other side of the house was open. We figured that meant the landlord was around doing more work to get the two units on that side into rent-able condition.

Not the case.

When we get back from these weekends away, it usually takes us a couple of trips to unload the car. Yesterday as we approached the porch with our first load from the car, we were greeted by our new neighbor. He's a young guy - somewhere between 18 and 24, I'd guess. We were polite enough, exchanged pleasantries, etc. Shook hands even. But a part of me is incredibly suspicious of new neighbors. I mean, let's consider the history we've had with neighbors.

In September of 2006 a guy moved into the first floor unit on that side of the house. We'll just refer to him as "E" in order to protect the stupid, err - I mean, protect the INNOCENT. Blech. I had some pretty immediate misgivings about him, mainly because he exuded this air that screamed "Sleazy Used Car Salesman". You know the type - slimy and yet a charmer who could sweet-talk his through life. First sign that something was amiss: After we had friends over for a pumpkin carving night that October, he asked me who one of the girls was. He wasn't phased when I mentioned that her husband was our best man, in fact, he didn't back down until I explained that she lives on the other side of the state. Great, so then we were afraid to have any female guests come over.

Things went along OK the next couple of months until the end of December 2006, when E suddenly thought it was normal to parade around our shared back porch in nothing more than his boxers. Yes, that's right - his BOXERS. In December, at night, with a temperature of no more than 40°C. When that happened, I stopped going out onto the back porch. I refused to. This boxer parade was not a one time thing; it happened several other times through the winter and spring, earning him the nickname Mr. Underpants (a reference to the kid's character Captain Underpants). We even suspected he was peeing off the end of the porch in the winter time. Yellow ice is a sure sign. Anyway, after having enough of this, we spoke with the landlord in September of 2007. In the end, E disappeared in February - March of 2008. According to his sister, who stopped by for some of his stuff, E had gone into rehab - we assume for alcoholism because he was a very heavy drinker. While feeling a bit bad at his situation in life, we were also EXTREMELY glad that he was gone. Believe me when I say that this little summary is by no means a full accounting of his shenanigans.

Meanwhile, in April of 2007, a young guy moved into the second floor unit. Let's refer to him as The Punk, although I tend to use more *colorful* words when referring to him. He played nice for a very short time - even shook our hands when he introduced himself. However, it quickly became apparent that he was not the nice kid that he played himself off as. In fact, the landlord even told us all about the initial conversations he had with The Punk to inform him of the rules and such - looking back, the landlord was telling us all of this because he knew that there would be problems eventually. We soon realized that his girlfriend and their baby were living there with him, which is against the terms of the lease. We could have probably let this slide, since we rarely heard the baby cry, except for one minor detail. The Punk and The Girlfriend fought. A lot. And loudly. I mean, all out fighting. I'm pretty sure it got physical at some points, although nothing that we could prove. So, once again, we spoke to the landlord. There were plenty of other problems with The Punk - he couldn't pay his rent, and his temper lead to run-ins with plenty of people (Shawn, the landlord, the people who own the lot where we park our cars). In the end, The Punk was evicted right around the same time Mr. Underpants disappeared.

So, we've been without neighbors since March. It's been WONDERFUL. A good solid 3 months and then some. I guess we were getting spoiled. I suppose now it's only a matter of time until we get a new neighbor in the first floor unit. And I will be suspicious of that person, as well, just like I am with the new guy we met yesterday. I think it's understandable, although admittedly not the nicest way to be. I try not to hold grudges, but there are only so many times I will let myself be burned. I'm sure I'll be presenting updates to this situation.

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..but you did have great sotries especially about "E"!