Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Recap

We spent this weekend up in the Poconos. Great weather, temperature-wise, but crazy high humidity. We worked outside most of Saturday, and I swear I have never sweated that much in my entire life! We mowed the grass, but because it had grown so much and because it was very tall when we cut it last week, the yard looked like a hay field when we were done. That meant we had to rake it – hence the sweat. This reminds me – I need to post a picture of myself on the riding mower. Those of you who know me might find it hard to believe I would actually mow the grass or ride a mower.

After a day of yard work, we cleaned up and went to the Alumni Banquet that is held each year for graduates from my area of the school district I graduated from. Food was OK; speeches were drug out as usual. At the banquet, we got to see some of my aunts and an uncle, as well as our neighbors. Found out my aunt had her knee replaced in March, and will have the other done in September. Also got an update on my step-cousin, who has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) . He’s to the point now where walking is extremely difficult, and his lung function has decreased but not yet to the point of serious concern. He has also lost dexterity in his hands, and has some problems feeding himself. There are a couple of fundraisers scheduled in the coming weeks to raise funds for his care, and the family is also putting an addition on to his house so that he can stay on the first floor. Keep him in your thoughts, and his family too – he has several kids; the youngest is 4 and is finally beginning to understand some of what is happening.

Sunday we did a little bit of work around the house in the morning, but the coolest thing that happened was that we found where some turtles had hatched the night before or early that morning. Should have taken a picture – darn it! We figure that at least a dozen eggs hatched. We don’t know what kind of turtles they were, but we do have a pond next door that is home to some snappers so that was our best guess. However, I just looked up turtles on Wikipedia ... it seems like the incubation period isn't a good fit for snappers. The timing fits a bit better for painted turtles, and I'm pretty sure they are in the area as well.

Before returning home, we spent a few hours with our friends, Emily and Rich, and their new baby, Ben. Ben just turned 2 months old on Friday, and he is such a cutie! (Again, no picture – sorry!). E & R hosted a little get-together with family for Father’s Day. Burgers on the grill, great food and good company – what more can you ask for on a gorgeous summer day?

So, that was the weekend. Now, it’s back to the daily grind. Looking forward to a quiet week, and hopefully some more blog posting!


MelB. said...

Yeh...Saturday was a hot one while working in the yard. My eyes were actually stinging from the sweat dripping in them. Never had that experience! Sorry to hear about your step-cousins ALS. Fred's aunt had it so I know a little bit about it. I'll add he and his family to my prayer list.
I can't BELIEVE you did not get pics of the turtles nest(?) Bummer!

Laurel said...

>> Mel

Yeah, me and my LOVE of turtles, and I didn't take any pics!! I can't believe it either.