Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on the Simplification

Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

We were up in the Poconos this weekend. I managed to fill a garbage bag and a half with stuff. Mostly paper work that could get pitched (anyone want a manual to a floor polisher from 1970-something? or the receipt to an avocado green refrigerator with matching stove from 1970-something?). If you looked around the house, you wouldn't even realize that I threw anything out. But I did. I successfully emptied a 2 drawer filiing cabinet that can now be reused to contain the paper work that had been stashed in manila envelopes and cardboard banker boxes. Said envelopes and boxes had just been randomly stacked and piled in the den, but they will soon have a proper home. It might have been just a drop in the bucket, but every drop counts and every drop helps me to feel a little bit better about the flood that remains.

As for our place in Schwenksville - more baby steps. Last night I spent 15 minutes or so organizing the drawers that hold my socks, bras and underwear. I was quite tired of the drawers not closing and the fact that I could never find the item I wanted. I purged 2 grocery bags full of stuff from those drawers. Took them right down and put them out in the trash. Shawn couldn't believe how much I was getting rid of. I had to explain to him that you can't donate used undergarments. He responded by saying something about holding on to them and using them for something else (I have been known to dust with old socks on my hands - perfect for more delicate work or tiny spaces). I told him that I was in the mood to eliminate the excess crap in my life, and that if he wasn't careful I would throw him out with the trash - totally joking of course!! But seriously, that's the mood I'm in - get rid of the EXCESS.

Tonight, I'm hoping to tackle the drawer full of t-shirts. I have a lot of t-shirts, many of which were acquired during college and few of which I wear now. There are a lot there that can go. I plan on donating most of them, but the ones that are too ratty to donate will get saved as rags. "Saved" in the sense that I will cut them up on the spot and stash them with other rags so that they cannot possibly find their way back into my drawers. And on the donation front - I remembered last night that there are Red Cross drop boxes just down the street from our place. I have to drive past them every day, and we have to walk past them if we go out for ice cream. So, I definately need/want to take more advantage of them.

Looking forward to more purging - tonight is garbage night, and I'm hoping to give the garbage man a very full can. And let me tell ya - it felt GREAT to finally be able to close the drawer that my socks were in!


MelB. said...

Good job! Purge, purge, purge...

BTW...I am ROTFL....I am like...who is commenting on my blog I am just setting it up...hahahaha...Love ya!

Rollie said...

I hear you about purging the tshirts! I did that a few months ago and love that I now just have the ones I wear in the drawers.
Keep it up and you will be amazed!
15 min times are the best...don't over whelm yourself.