Thursday, June 26, 2008


I wanted to take a minute to tell you about this neat little website that I stumbled across. It's called PaperbackSwap - you can click there on its name or on the picture to get to the site. I also have a link posted on the sidebar.

The site is a way to exchange books with other readers. You can exchange all kinds of books -
  • paperbacks
  • hardcovers
  • textbooks
  • adult books
  • kids books
  • craft pattern books (quilting, crochet, etc - as long as there are no missing pages)
  • music books (as in, piano lesson books)

How it works:

To begin, sign up is FREE. The system is based on credits. 1 credit will allow you to request 1 book, except for audio books which require 2 credits. To get your first 2 credits, all you need to do is post at least 10 books that you are willing to send to someone else.

When someone requests one of your books, you print out the specially designed wrapper from the site, wrap the book and mail it out. You can even print postage right from the PBS site. When the book is received, or as soon as you mail it if you bought your postage from the PBS site, you will get 1 credit to be used for requesting a book. The person who requested the book pays nothing. The only money needed is to mail the book out. This is usually cheapest via Media Mail, and mailing a standard size paperback will cost you between $2 and 3, depending on its exact weight and if you chose Delivery Confirmation with it.

Important note: When a book is sent out, it becomes the possession of the requester. You don't get your book back, so make sure they are books you are willing to part with. Bonus factor here - it's a great way to get rid of books that were clunkers, while earning credits toward more books to read.

You can head over to the PBS site to read more. No, I'm not getting paid to make this post or advertise this site - I'm just genuinely interested in it, and I think some of you out there would be interested as well. I signed up on Monday, and I've already sent out 1 book. I requested 3 others, 2 of which are on their way to me. So, it's already working out.

If you do decide to sign up, you will see a box where you can enter the email address of the person who referred you. If you use my email address, I will get 1 credit for the referral. My email addy is: laurel_burns (at) hotmail (dot) com .

I hope I've explained the site well enough - if you have any questions, leave me a comment or send me a note. There is also info available on the site, and when you sign up you are automatically paired with a "tour guide" who can answer any questions you might have.

Happy Reading!!

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MelB. said...

Thanks for posting this info. I am hoping to join as soon as I get some books together.