Friday, June 13, 2008

Lots to Say Today

So I have lots of things to say today, mainly because I haven't had much of a chance to update my blog this week. I think I might save some of the posts and do some delayed posting, so that my blog will have some fresh content even on the days when I can't get time to update. Because I want to try that, I will use today's post for some of the more ... time-sensitive ... posts I wanted to make.

The focus of today's post will be to introduce you to some people who could really use your prayers, good thoughts, etc. Now, mind you - I haven't met ANY of these people. I came across their blogs while reading other blogs. However, I've been reading their blogs regularly for a while now and have formed that connection you form when you are viewing someone's life from a completely outside perspective. A bit like the connection you form with characters in a movie, when you are able to get completely drawn into it.

First up is Jaymun. Jaymun is a little boy, not quite 2 years old, who was born with cancer. The doctors were able to drive it into remission last year, but he has relapsed. With each relapse his chances for recovery diminish. I believe they are saying his odds of surviving this time are around 20%. You can read more about him and his family at the blog that I linked above. This family has a tremendous amount of faith, even after having it tested and pushed to the limit. Please keep little Jaymun and his family in your thoughts.

Next is Tricia. That link takes you to her husband's blog; it's also a blog listed in the links to the left. Tricia has cystic fibrosis (CF). Since January, she has given birth to a beautiful little girl (Gwyneth) and has received a double lung transplant. Tricia was cleared to go home last week, but unfortunately is back in the hospital currently undergoing testing for some complications of the transplant. From what I've seen on Nate's blog, these complications are completely treatable - just a pothole in the road, as I commented on his post from yesterday. But this was a bit of a cruel tease, don't you think? A few days, a week at most, of living a more normal life... only to unexpectedly find yourself back in the hospital. From what Nate has posted, Tricia seems frustrated by much of this current situation, and also anxious about some of the testing that is required. So, I ask that you pray for peace and comfort for Tricia as she spends the next few days in the hospital. Pray also for Nate - he has been such a rock through all of this. Again, this family has tremendous faith, a faith that I can only hope to have if I were ever in a position like this. They are young, around my age (mid 20s), and yet it feels like their faith gives them a wisdom beyond their years. They are an inspiration.

So, that's my request for the day. Keep these folks in your thoughts - a few more prayers being sent up on their behalf can only help.


MelB. said...
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MelB. said...

Yah....these are the things that we just don't understand. We only know that it's God will. I know that it sounds like a "pat" comment, however,
read Genesis 18:

Pray, Pray, Pray.....

Let's pray for peace of mind and comfort for all of them and pray for wisdom for the doctors.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!