Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a Smidge

Ok, so in response to my Blog Improvement Poll, I lightened the background color by just a smidge. Like, literally, a smidge. One step away from the black that it had been. Let me know if it helps any.

Lightening it any more than that smidge or playing around with the font colors started to take away from the look I was going for with the blog. So, if this off-black color doesn't do it for ya - you'll just have to wait until the mood strikes me to make a major big-time change.

Thanks for the feedback, though - I do appreciate it.


MelB. said...

Believe it or not it is easier on my eyes even though it was just a "smidge".

Alexis said...

Ditto- makes the pink pop more too. You smidged in the right direction :)