Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Does anybody watch ...

Does anybody else out there watch "Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Channel?

Last night's episode was one of those shows that had me on the edge of my seat, wanting to jump thru the TV screen to smack someone.

The premise of the show: A reality show that follows several groups of crab fishermen in Alaska. It is on the top 5 list of the deadliest jobs, hence the title.

Last night, the primary focus of the show was what one of the captains was experiencing after his boat took a massive wave the night before. This particular captain, Phil Harris, got banged up against some furniture pretty badly and thought he broke a rib or two. This was causing him quite a bit of difficulty breathing, but what pi$$ed me off was that he was sitting there wheezing - and he picked up a cigarette and began smoking. Smoking! Like *that* will make it ALL BETTER.

Oh but wait - it gets better! He returned to work up in the wheelhouse, and began coughing. Coughing up blood. And he kept smoking. And he refused to go back into shore. Refused to tell his sons, who are in their 20s and are also on the boat with him. Eventually, in his own time, he did elect to go back to shore to the nearest clinic. That was an adventure in and of itself, but he did get there. Of course, they are leaving it until next week before you find out what his diagnosis is.

I guess what bothered me most about the whole situation was that it was so reminiscent of what I went through with my own parents, and also a bit foretelling of what things may very well be like with my father-in-law.

My dad did the same "in his own sweet time" thing before he went to the doctor for pain in his left arm. The pain turned out to have been a heart attack, which lead to bypass surgery a couple days later that he never recovered from.

My mom did the same stoic martyr routine, refusing to tell me or others about some of her health issues, because she knew that she would be strongly encouraged to see a doctor. In fact, when she was at a doctor's appointment before her hysterectomy, she actually said that a month prior to that she had been passing enough blood that she probably should have been in the hospital. Nice way for me to find out that the problem had been present for a couple of months, rather than the recent thing she had tried to play it off as.

As for my FIL - he is a heavy smoker. And a drinker. And I can TOTALLY see him not going to the doctor for something until it's too late. Might be lung cancer, or it could very well be his liver, but I'm not envisioning good things - the in-laws are very much not interested in going to the doctor for anything.

All of these things were floating through my head while we were watching "Deadliest Catch" last night. I don't think Shawn really understood why I was getting so agitated, but I also couldn't tell him because he still wouldn't *get* it. Or else wouldn't want to hear it, in the case of his father. It's not that he doesn't realize these same things about his dad that I do. It's just that he doesn't want the reminder, or to hear about it from me.

So because Shawn wouldn't understand, I'm writing out my thoughts and frustrations here. Maybe one of you will *get* it. But it doesn't really matter - what counts is that I'm getting it out. In the end, I ended up going onto the website for the show this evening. I found a message board for it, and saw where someone had posted a news report about Capt. Harris. I won't give away the results, in case one of you is a fan like us and doesn't want the "spoiler," but it did put me at ease.

Is it just me - am I the only person who gets MAD at TV shows or movies? Am I the only one who wants to jump thru the screen and SMACK people? I can't be the only one - please tell me there are more people like me!


Jen said...

I get MAD @ TV!!! Mostly the shows my DH would prefer to watch, like Deadliest Catch. I missed that episode (but am quite sure I'll see it on the frequent re-runs or marathon days!) I would have been outraged by that for sure! It's sad when help is available and people don't use it properly. Stubborn-ness isn't always a strength!

Alexis said...

I sometimes watch this with Jeff. I didn't see this particular episode but definitely woul dhave beenannoyed at the smoking- probably not so much the not telling anyone part because I know being out there means money for them and going in means not money, so it must have been bad for him to finally concede. But, I do not understand why "regular" people don't go to the doctors!! I see this in people as they are getting older and it's so frustrating- but I guess it mirrors their mortality to them and is tough to handle.