Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Recap

So you already saw the big news of the weekend - high speed internet. But that wasn't all that we did this weekend.

Friday night I went to Rollie's house for some scrapping and girlfriend time. I had a blast and got something like 8 pages done in my Arizona book.

Saturday was a day of errands, before the internet work. We had to drop the Jeep off for some work, so then we did some running around. Went to Office Depot to exchage our router because the first one we bought didn't have a power cord in the box (turned into a bit of an ordeal, but not worth going into). Went to REI because Shawn needs new boots for work. He didn't have any luck, but I found a new pair of sneakers on clearance (Good Buy #1).

When we left REI, we decided to run up to Limerick to the outlets because there is a Merrell outlet there and Shawn was hoping to get boots there. First stop was the Crocs outlet, where we each got some sandals - olive green for Shawn, chocolate brown and light blue for me. Then we went to the Merrell outlet. Shawn didn't have any luck, once again. I saw plenty of cute shoes, but they weren't really at any great deal of a price so I didn't buy. We stopped for lunch, walked around some more and stopped at the Lane Bryant outlet. I got TONS of stuff. They had great deals to begin with, and then special sales since it was Mother's Day weekend (Good Buy #2). I had a gift card from Christmas to make the deal even sweeter. Got the cutest tops - can't wait to wear them.

After we left Lane Bryant, we weren't expecting much more out of the outlets. They really aren't our kind of shops - if you know us, you know what I mean. We aren't hip trendy people - just down to earth regular folk. Anyway, we happened upon a Pfaltzgraff outlet, that I didn't even know was there. This was home to perhaps the best deals of the day. They had a lot of pieces for our pattern (Naturewood), and several of them were marked 50% off of the outlet prices (Good Buy #3). The outlet prices for the Pfaltzgraff are already pretty good, but these extra sales were PHENOMENAL. I got two different canister sets that extend the full range of sizes, a caddy for holding silverware in a buffet situation, a platter which I have been lacking, a butter dish that was also a big missing piece, and a spoon rest (not lacking, but a good price). It was so amazing to see that many pieces of our pattern - in the 5 years since we registered for stuff, we've never seen that many pieces in one location. Shawn was excited, too - I had told him that I didn't want a birthday present, since I'm going to SAVE in August, but he had planned on getting me something. He wasn't sure what that "something" would be, but when he saw the great deals at Pfaltzgraff, he decided to get all of that for me. I think we spent something like $85, but the full outlet price and the full retail price would have been well over twice that. I love being in the right place at the right time! Added bonus - they offer "back door pick up" at Pfaltzgraff, so we didn't need to try to carry all of that back to the car.

At that point, we really thought we were done. But then we saw the Columbia outlet and decided on a whim to go in. Wandered to the back and what did I find but fleece vests for $19.99. No, it isn't really vest weather anymore, but you see I was in need of replacing my fleece vest. Aragorn occaisionally chews on things, and one of his recent targets was my grey fleece vest. So I was very excited to see these Columbia vests and was even more excited when there was one that fit. Hardest decision was the color - I went with oatmeal. Shawn happened to find a work-type of vest that resembles Carhart with the sturdy outer fabric but this one has a fake sheepskin lining. It was only $24.99, making the Columbia store Good Buy #4. After this purchase, we really were done. We picked up our dishes and went home to hook up the internet.

Good Buy #5 came later that night, when Shawn realized that for $15 he could join the Arbor Day Foundation and get 10 free trees. They also sell trees at really great prices, so he was really excited.

Today was a more quiet day. We decided to go up to Allentown, where Shawn fished the Little Lehigh. I walked the paths there and also read for a while. So nice to be done with my class to have free time to read for fun rather than for school. When we got home, I experienced a culinary first - I made a leg of lamb. I've had lamb once or twice before - they would occaisionally serve it in the cafeteria at college - but I've never tried to make it myself. I found a recipe on the Food Network's website and tried it out. Turned out quite nicely, and we will have plenty of leftovers for the week.

All in all, a good weekend. Recharged my batteries for the week ahead. Spent some quality time with the hubby. All good things. But, like every other weekend, it wasn't nearly long enough. Tomorrow is Monday and it's back to the grind. Hope you all had a great weekend, too, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

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