Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's a woman's perogative ...

... to change her mind.

I made some changes around here. Jazzed things up. The buttery yellow of the last version just wasn't doin' it for me, and I did like that black background of the very first version. Plus, I saw an ad in a chemistry magazine (of all things) that used a row of bright pink gerbera daisies. That was my inspiration for this current atmosphere.

In addition to the new colors and pictures, I've also added, deleted and rearranged the various things on the sidebar to the left. As I learn more about this blogging thing, I'm finding new "widgets" and other fun things to add to my blog. Hope you enjoy them!


Rollie said...

Loving the new look!

Oh and great widgets:)

MelB. said...

This post makes me laugh. My brother-in-laws GF just told me last night that she has a myspace that she just goes out to and re-designs all the time. She does little talking/communication, just redesigning.