Friday, May 16, 2008

It's good to listen to your gut.

So yesterday after work I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for my free iced coffee. When I was leaving their parking lot, I decided not to pull out when I had a small break but to wait instead. It would have meant pulling out in front of a tractor trailer, and while there was enough space/time, it probably would have pissed him off. So I waited. Sat there for many more cars, and began to think that I should have just pulled out when I had the chance.

When I finally was able to enter the flow of traffic, I didn't travel 1 mile up the road when we stopped. Just stopped. No movement. It was rush hour and all that, but we weren't near a light. We were just stopped. A long line of cars came past all of us who were sitting there, and then we finally got to move. I thought it was maybe some ill-timed road work, but unfortunately it wasn't.

The first thing I drove past was a silver sedan with a very crumpled hood. Two people were sitting on the curb by the car looking fine medically, but rather aggitated. Next, I came to a white SUV - its bumper was pushed very far in, and its hood was buckled in half. Lots more damage. Its occupants, a woman and a young girl around 11 or 12, were sitting off on the other side of the road in someone's yard. The girl was a bit bloody and obviously upset. The next vehichle was a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer that I almost pulled out in front of. It seemed like the truck had been hit fom behind by the SUV, and the truck driver must have jerked the steering wheel so that his cab veered off to the side rather than hit the vehicles in front of him.

There were no other vehicles involved, and while there were injuries, none looked to severe. But had I pulled out in front of that truck, I could have been involved in the accident or at the very least a witness to it. Made me glad that I listened to my gut and decided not to pull out in front of the truck.


MelB. said...

Well Praise God!

Jen said...

your last 2 posts go well together. Mother/women usually know best and there is an instinct inside us all! Good choice!